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Enjoy authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in Hamilton today!

Combining the tastes of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine into one cohesive culinary delight, the team at Viet Thai Village have created a unique and authentic dining experience.

Enjoy the subtle flavours of soy and lemon in our famous Pad Thai, or explore our spicier meals, handcrafted with love by our specialised team of culinary experts. Our meals are all handcrafted around freshly cooked, delicious white rice, or served with truly delicious and wholesome Jasmine rice. Of course, a complete dining experience should include the four ‘s’ tastes so closely associated with Vietnam and Thailand cuisine’s; sweet, salty, sour and spicy!

We have a wide range of different meals on our menu, all made to infuse the delicious taste of authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine into the busy streets of Hamilton, New Zealand.
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Our taste of Thailand and Vietnam

We infuse the culture of Thailand and Vietnam into our food, and décor! Our restaurant has been designed and decorated by the owner using her hand picked items from her visit to Vietnam and Thailand to create the most authentic experience, featuring gorgeous colours and a vibrant cultural vibe. Romantic and expressive, both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine are centred around love and expressions of affection; Viet Thai Village is the perfect place for a first date. 

Drop in today!

At Viet Thai Village, we love to bring a little taste of Thailand and Vietnam into every bite; head on down to our little restaurant, located on 16 Hood Street, Hamilton. 

Or, save yourself the hassle of finding a table and reserve your spot today by calling our team and making a booking. Explore the taste of truly authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine when you call our team and reserve your place at our perfect, fully licensed and family friendly restaurant.

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